Frequency Asked Questions


Q1: Do I need any prior dance experience?


A1: Absolutely not! The dancing skills of the participants vary, so we help each other out.


Q2: Can I join just by myself?


A2: Yes - actually most people come without a partner. Also, we constantly rotate partners throughout so that we all get to meet each other.


Q3: What should I wear?


A3: You can wear anything that allows you to move comfortably.


Q4: What is the age group?


A4: There are a wide range of people from 20's to 60's.


Q5: Do I need to make a reservation to join?


A5: Yes - although drop-ins are always welcome, it is helpful if you let us know in advance that you will be coming so that we can better adapt our practice schedule to your needs.


Q6: What type of shoes should I wear?


A6: You are not required to buy dance shoes at the beginning. Once you are committed to dancing, dance shoes are the best for proper stability. We recommend non-rubber soles such as suede (rubber soles will stick to the hardwood floors and can make it difficult to spin). Low heels are preferable at first. Please refer to the photos below.