Rueda & Salsa club in Fukuoka


You'll be dancing in no time!

"Conveniently located in Tenjin, Fukuoka"


Let’s dance Rueda de Casino!


Have you ever found yourself thinking? 


 I’m looking for new ways to have fun while exercising and enjoy music!

 I'm looking to make new friends outside of work!

 I want to make international friends!

 I want to feel free to learn dancing!

 I would like to improve my salsa!



 Then "Rueda de Casino" is for you!


What is Rueda de Casino? 


 Answer: It is a Latin style folk dance.
* A way of dancing salsa where several pairs dance in a circle exchanging partners and moving according to the leader's call/signal.


Int'l flash mob in 2019

Kokura Festa Latina 2018

[About our club]

- It is easy for beginners to participate even if it is their first time.

- No experience or partner required! 

- A diverse environment! You can mingle with people from different generations, occupations and countries.

- This is a friendly social group rather than a lesson.


* We actively seek to increase the number of Miami Rueda dancers in Fukuoka, and hope to eventually achieve a turnout of 100 pairs at our regularly held events. We strive to create a comfortable environment with kind and considerate members.


[Greetings from the organiser, Kaname]

 Thank you for browsing our website. When I studied Rueda de Casino in Perth, Australia, participants of all skill levels would come together after our lessons for a Big Rueda where we would enjoy dancing with one another regardless of age or ability. This experience truly gave us a sense of unity.

 Even though I am still learning Salsa and Rueda, I want to recreate something similar to The Big Rueda in Fukuoka. With the help of my wife, I'd like to introduce more people to Rueda de Casino and share the joy of dancing. We are looking forward to meeting you! =).


[Quotes from our dancers]

- We dance in a circle, so there is a sense of unity.

- It’s so much fun to constantly switch partners!

- It’s very affordable, and there’s no obligation. You can drop in whenever you want.

- I can deepen my relationships within my social circle.

- I can apply the Rueda de Casino skills to salsa dancing.


* The best part of the Rueda is that even if you’re an inexperienced dancer, you can immediately join everyone in the circle. Taking that first step is the start to finding the brand new you!


We look forward to having you join us! 

* We practice Miami-style Rueda de Casino mixed with Cuban style movements.


* We are very multi-national. Our members come from 14 countries (China, Dominica, Egypt, India/Canada, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, the United States and Japan)

* The popularity of Rueda de Casino is not just among the fellow members of our club but across the world. The Japan Rueda Festival has taken place every summer since 2012. Rueda de Casino international multi flash mob day has been held every spring since 2014. Video clips are posted on the official website. Our Fukuoka team joined this project in 2018 and 2019.


* The schedule is subject to change.

* The schedule up to the next 4 months is available for viewing.

* Fee: 1000 yen for an hour and a half or two hours for our regular club practice session.

* We will post information about special workshops, events, etc. as they become available.


Fukuoka Civic Hall (福岡市民会館), 3F Rehearsal room D

Free parking available.

*The nearest subway station is Tenjin.