Summary about Baile conmigo Rueda de Casino Sun 12/1



English translation is below.










Owing to our club member's suggestion and Choco's collaboration, we could put our plan into practice. Many thanks to lots of people, we enjoyed a lot. We continue to warm up for Rueda festival in June 2020.


For our regular member's it might be a good stimulation because of Choco's fresh movements. And it was a good time for a Choco's student to review them.


Finally, for two participants, it must be a hard lesson. We hope you had a great time and know what is Rueda de Casino. (Actually, you can enjoy dancing it only with simple moves. so, Don't worry.)


* From next time we will have lessons and parties on first Sundays. The next Baile conmigo Rueda de Casino will take place on January 5th. We are looking forward to the next time.