Summary about Rueda Square #99 Heisei final



English translation is below.









Thank you for coming to Rueda Square today, despite inclement weather.

I hope everybody enjoyed the final Hesei Rueda.


We practiced Enchufla steps and open position that we should improve for the next level. If you can do them well, you can conduct most of routine steps. Also, we will have the step from Guapea to open position that will be basic to conduct lots of moves from now on. Let's learn together!


* The next Rueda Square that is the first REIWA event will take place at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, 19th May. It will be the 100th time. Actually, this club was the trial project for 3 months and I didn't expect to last this long. I really appreciate your patronage. I'm looking forward to see you next time in REIWA.