Summary about the international flash mob #94


English translation is below. 













Thank you for performing the flash mob yesterday. 

Despite only 2 months of practice, you all did a great job.


 Compared to last year, it was sunny and warm yesterday.

Because we were in Sujo Park, we were able to use a microphone and big speakers. In Bayside place Hakata, the audience provided us with a loud applause and it seemed that even a child was interested in our flash mob.

 Everybody worked together to make it a success. After the flash mob, when they volunteered to dance Rueda de Casino. I was really moved.

 We had a wrap-up party after that, it was really fun. Usually we don't have opportunities to party in the daytime and introduce ourselves each other. The picture was taken there. 

 Today was the happiest day since I founded this group around 3 years ago.

I really appreciate you, our awesome members.


* We will start practice for the next flash mob at the international school.  Let's try to improve our dancing even more. The next rueda practice is on Saturday, April 6th. We look forward to seeing you soon.