Summary about flashmob practice #88


English follows.










Thank you for coming to Rueda Square yesterday.


A lady from Russia came to our club today. Not only was she the first Russian person to join our club, but she also knew Spanish and Rueda de Casino. It was super amazing to me. We have these opportunities to meet such wonderful people, I really treasure them.


We practiced the last signature pose and went over our moves. Each of our routines were almost complete. Our more experienced dancers helped us a lot. I am very grateful that they are always considerate to us. We will try to have a rehearsal as soon as possible, before mid March.


* The next Rueda SQ will take place on Wednesday, the 6th of March at 8:00 p.m. We will do the same routine for both the flash mob on March 30th and the festival on April 20th. We will practice for the Rueda flash mob in advance. We are looking forward to seeing you:).