Flashmob practice Schedule

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2月:4()18() 12:30-14:45


3月:11() 12:30-14:45  17() 15:20-17:45

4月:1() 12:30-14:45


2月:20() 20:00-21:30 21:50までは自主練


3月:17() 13:30-15:10 この後はレギュラークラス

3月:20() 20:00-21:30 21:50までは自主練

4月:6() 20:00-21:30 21:50までは自主練




Flashmob practice Schedule

*From March to the 6th of April our practice is only for Flashmob performers. Thank you for your cooperation.

(Regular class)

February: Sunday, 4th and 18th 12:30-14:45

March: Sunday, 11th, 12:30-14:45  Saturday, 17th, 15:20-17:45

April: Sunday, 1st, 12:30-14:45

(Advanced class for participation for the first 2:25 performance)

February: 20:00-21:30 Tuesday, 20th voluntary practice until 21:50


March: 13:30-15:10 Saturday, 17th regular class after this

20:00-21:30 Tuesday 20th voluntary practice until 21:50

April: 20:00-21:30 Friday, 6th voluntary practice until 21:50

*Depend on the status of progress; we may have a remedial course.