Summary about Rueda Square #51

English version below.






Thank you for coming to Rueda Square today. There were new participants as well as people that we have't met for a while, and surprisingly we had lots more salseros than salseras this time. I have more opportunities to dance in the lady's role, so I really feel the need to improve in follower's moves. We had an American participant among us this time, everybody's support in translation was very helpful. I appreciated their kindness. In the latter half of the activity, we split the class into 2. In the beginner's course, participants practiced basic routines repeatedly and got used to the timing. While in the intermediate course, we tried difficult routines to be able to move smoothly and precisely and made progress. So it's keep practicing, shall we?

*The next Rueda SQ will be held on Sunday, Nov 3 at 12:30 p.m. Be there!!!