Rueda Workshop by Mr.Sakuma on 27/9 #48

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時間:20:00 - 21:30(※スタジオは19:45頃オープンです。)


内容:オールレベル ※定時開催にご協力お願いします。








場所:福岡市民会館 3階 練習室D (更衣室:4階) ※無料駐車場あり








[2004年8月] Miami Salsa Congress出場

[2005年11月] Salsa Rueda Congress of Americas出場

[2007年11月] Miami Salsa Congressにて3位入賞

[2017年09月] 当サークルにてワークショップ


Mr.Sakuma's Workshop will be held On Wed, the 27th of Sept. It is a good opportunity to learn Salsa and Miami Rueda. Rueda's movements can use as it is for pair dance. We are looking forward to seeing you. Don't miss out!!!


Date: Wednesday, the 27th of Sept

Time: 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. (*Studio opens @7:45 p.m.)

Contents: All levels



*2500 Yen: Door price

*2000 Yen: In advance (Advanced application is required until 8 p.m, Tuesday, 26th by  giving a message to the organiser directly. RSVP, pls.)


Entry: Simply click 'going' button or send a quick message to the organiser.


Venue: Fukuoka Civic Hall, 3F Practice room D (Locker Rooms: 4F)


Please bring dance shoes or dance heels due to the smooth sole. If you do not own any dance shoes, you can wear anything that allows you to move comfortably.


For more information, please contact the organiser.


[Mr.Yoshiyuki Sakuma]

・Miami Rueda Japan Director

・Master instructor



Aug. 2004: An entrant of Miami Salsa Congress

Nov. 2005: An entrant of Salsa Rueda Congress of Americas

Nov. 2007: A 3rd prize winner of Miami Salsa Congress

Sep. 2017: The workshop at our club